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June 24, 2022
EC Wide Slider Type supports high load moment and large overhang applications.
Genaral Catalog 2021 Controller CE9001 8 1A H1 799x1034 1

EC-(D)WS10(☐R) / EC-(D)WS12(☐R) ELECYLINDER® Wide Slider Type

Catalog #: CE0280-3A (2022JUN)
Pages: 36 | File Size: 5 MB | Last Updated: 2022-06

Supports High Load Moment and Large Overhang.
The wide body is equipped with a built-in ball circulating type linear guide. It is most suitable for heavy workpieces and large overhang applications.

AVD (Acceleration, Velocity and Deceleration) can be individually set up to suppress vibrations and shorten cycle times.

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