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Paper, Film, Fabric, Glass & Board

EC – Inspection Device for Glass Substrates

Inspection Device for Glass Substrates A device to perform a sampling inspection of glass substrates. This device performs a sampling inspection for glass substrates. The ELECYLINDER® transfers the glass substrate, while the cameras perform an inspection from the top...

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EC – Positioning Device for Glass Substrates

Positioning Device for Glass Substrates Adjusting the distance between guide plates of a transfer device according to two sizes of glass substrates. This device is to adjust the distance between two guide plates according to the size of the glass substrates in order...

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Sending Defective Products to the Removal Line

Industry: Others Process: Sorting, Inspecting Actuators: RCP5-SA7C Motorizing the removal of defective products made high speed possible and lowered costs. [Issues Until Now] An air cylinder was used for the movement of the plate that removes defective products....

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Easy Automation Concept Vol.3-2 Video #06

Example Video #06: Sequential Feeder for Non-woven Fabric Punching Line - 10 Air cylinder vs 1 IAI's ROBO Cylinder The sequential feeder, a part of a press machine that punches out non-woven fabric for filters. The press machine performs punching operation at specific...

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Film Feeder for Packaging Machine – Application Example

Industry: Paper, film, construction material Process: Cutting Actuators: RCS2-SA7C-A-60-16-900 x2 In a packing machine, ROBO Cylinder was adopted for equipment that cuts packaging film to a set length. As shown in the illustration above, two ROBO Cylinders are used to...

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