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System Overview :
Performing visual inspection of toilet paper and removing to the discharging conveyor belt defective ones that are stained and ripped.
Improvement Overview :
Replacing an air cylinder with an ELECYLINDER for removing and discharging defective products to the discharging conveyor belt.
Daily production increased by 40%!
Annual labor cost reduction is $12,000.
Improvement Effects

 Past problems     

 1   Workpieces dropped off from the conveyor belt at high speed, making it impossible to increase the speed.

 2   The product shipping line conveyor belt was operated at low speed in order to synchronize with the speed of the defective product discharge conveyor belt.

  Improvement effects of the ELECYLINDER®     

 1   Workpiece drop off never occurs even at high speed thanks to smooth acceleration/deceleration.
[Discharge operation time]
Air cylinder 4.2 sec → ELECYLINDER® 3.0 sec

 2   Speed of the shipping line conveyor belt has increased.
[Shipping line conveyor belt speed]
Air cylinder 4.2 m/min → ELECYLINDER® 6 m/min

Previous air cylinder facility
Motorized facility
Daily production 1,500 rolls 2,100 rolls Production increased by 600 rolls/day
Daily operation time 10 hours 7.1 hours Shortened by 2.9 hours/day
Daily labor cost $180 $127.80 Saved $12,000 /year (annual operation days 230)
Annual cost reduced by $12,000.
The above application example and results including numbers are introduced from one of our product user's event and experience.
*Exchange Rate: 1(USD)=100(Japanese Yen)
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