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April 2016

IAI has added new additions to our family of ROBO Cylinder®, PowerCON SCARA, Tabletop TTA robot, and more.

We have sneak-peek videos from our booth at the International Robot Exhibition at Tokyo, Japan.

ROBO Cylinder® RCP6 Series
A wide variety of product types are in the new RCP6 series, which also include wide slider types and wide radial cylinder types.

Allowable dynamic moment for the wide slider type is 14 times higher than the standard slider.
Allowable torque on the rod type of the wide radial cylinder is 3 times higher than the standard radial cylinder.

All RCP6 models are equipped with a high-resolution battery-less absolute encoder as standard.

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New PowerCON IXP SCARA Robots
We are the first robot manufacturer to equip our SCARA robots with the battery-less absolute encoder as standard. This means no battery, no maintenance, and no homing is required.

Also, there's no price increase. The IXP SCARA series costs about half of the IX series thanks to the PowerCON high-output stepper motors.

The encoder resolution has increased 10 times more than the existing IXP series.

We have also expanded the line to include cleanroom as well as dust-proof / splash-proof models.

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TTA Tabletop Robots
The new TTA series has the battery-less absolute encoder as standard.

We are also introducing the new A/C Servo motor type, which offers a 50% higher max payload up to 30 kg, 50% higher max speed up to 1,200 mm/sec, and +/-5 micron positioning repeatability.

With the new SEL Program Generator, program data and positioning data can be automatically generated from CAD drawings.

There are many more new products so please view the display videos of our booth at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo.

More Cleanroom models added to RCP5CR
These additional RCP5 Cleanroom models have been added:




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