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Introduction to the International Robot Exhibition

Welcome to IAI's booth at the 2019 International Robot Expo in Tokyo, which is held every two years.

IAI had one of the most largest and exciting booths at the show.

We would like to share 13 unique displays throughout the booth, each promoting a new technology that separates IAI from our competition.

1. ELECYLINDER - EC Easy Electric Actuator

The ELECYLINDER is IAI's Easy Electric Actuator series that can be operated by ON/OFF signals like a solenoid valve. It's easy to operate even for beginners.

You can adjust AVD (A=Acceleration, V=Velocity, D=Deceleration) individually by input percentage. You'll have full control over starting and stopping smoothly while maintaining high speed. Cycle-time and trouble recovery time will be reduced with this lower-cost series.

There are many types of ELECYLINDERs available: Rod type, Radial Cylinders with built-in guides, Sliders, Small rod and slider types, Water-proof type, Belt-driven types.

2. Digital Speed Controller

A Digital Speed Controller with display and button controls are now available that's built into the ELECYLINDER!

The controller will allow you to easily input acceleration, speed, and deceleration values and perform test runs right away.

Please take a look at how to operate the Digital Speed Controller here.

3. Radial Cylinder type ELECYLINDER

The Radial cylinder type ELECYLINDER can be a replacement for a rod-type air cylinder. The built-in ball circulation type linear guide allows it to receive moment load without any vibration at the tip of the rod.

It is very suitable for attaching to an orthogonal combination vertical axis and lifting heavy workpieces.

There is also a High-rigidity Radial cylinder type that allows the rod tip to handle 17kg on the rod tip, which is 2.5 times more that the standard radial cylinder type.

4. Wireless PLC - Future Development Product

The Wireless PLC is hasn't been released yet but there is obvious excitement for what the new PLC will be capable of.
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5. Orthogonal Robots - Multi-Axis, Cartesian, Table Top Robots

IAI's Orthogonal Robots are pre-configured cartesian robots that help reduce installation and setup times.

Many variations are available to support 2 to 6-axis configurations. Also available are models with rotational axis(es) additions.

Any models can be customized to meet your specific needs. High-resolution Battery-less Absolute Encoders are available.

6. R-Unit (new controller system) - Coming Soon

The upcoming R-Unit controller series will have a very modular design to be able to freely select and combine a variety of units together.

A space-saving compact controller can be put together by combining just the drivers needed with your required number of axes. It will also be possible to mix and control actuators with 24V and 200V motors.

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7. Card Tower Robot

Here we have Humans vs. IAI Robot Card Tower building competition.

The Card Tower Robot utilizes IAI Hollow Rotary electric actuators for flexibility in grasping and settings cards at different angles.

8. IAI's Vision Systems - Future Product Development

IAI is working on Vision Systems for automated picking up of parts. IAI 3D Vision will make it easy to automate IAI Robots to pick parts placed in random positions and orientations.

Notice how our Wrist Unit can be combined with a Cartesian robot to achieve operations equivalent to a vertical multi-jointed 6-axis robot.

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9. Robo Shot and a Soccer Fan

Here we have a soccer goal competition between IAI's Robo Shot and a soccer fan. The rotating "kicker" is IAI's DDA Direct Drive motor, which is ideal for applications requiring high speed, high payload, and high accuracy.

The Robo Shot handles accurate soccer goal shots with ease.

10. SCARA Robo Pump (soon to be released)

IAI's Robo Pump (coming soon) is a compact electric vacuum pump ideal for SCARA pick and place applications. Here is our IXA SCARA with Robo Pump performing a conveyor tracking application.

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11. Robo Gripper & Servo Press

IAI's Servo Press actuators are compact rod type electric actuators ideal for pressing applications that need force sensing feedback.

There are many IAI Robo Gripper types available such as mini grippers, solenoid grippers, and long-strong stroke grippers.

Take a look at our gripper selection method document to help guide you to the ideal gripper for your application.

12. Orthogonal 6-axis Robot - Future Product Develpment

In this amazing demo, you will see our Wrist Unit, which is small in size and low in price.

Combined with a Cartesian robot, it achieves operations equivalent to a vertical multi-jointed 6-axis robot.

13. All Electric Conveyor

This conveyor with IAI's all electric actuators demonstrate the versatility of our many product variations that can handle pretty much any type of motion control needed.

Electric actuators use significantly less energy as compared to air cylinders.

Using electric actuators can significantly reduce your machine down-time, your maintenance costs, and since production cycle times can be shortened, we can reduce your labor costs as well.

Thank you for visiting IAI's booth at the International Robot Exhibition.

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