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Increase Production and Cut Costs, Efficient In the world of business today, demands for quality low-cost products are expected NOW. With energy costs rising everyday, and demand for higher output places strain on all those involved. Fortunately, IAI understands the mounting pressures on today's businesses and work hard to provide environmentally friendly, energy-efficient cost-effective solutions for the needs of our customers. Our line of electric actuators will help your business save money and increase output. Along with being 'green', our ROBO Cylinder electric actuator line will reduce man-hours because of easy setup and maintenance.

Please browse though out web site and see how ROBO Cylinder electric actuators are the solution to your automation needs. Make IAI part of your business and take advantage of cost-effective automation solutions and gain a lead on the competition!

If there are any questions about our products, please contact us at the phone number at the top of our web site.

List of Industry Applications and Benefits using
ROBO Cylinder Linear Electric Actuators

To learn more about how IAI can help your business go green:

IAI's Energy Efficient Electric Actuators help you save money

See the energy efficient
ROBO Cylinder Electric Actuator Lineup

Product Overview page.

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