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October 16, 2020
New EC Belt Driven types with built-in Digital Speed Controller have been added to the EC series.
New ISB Large types have been added to the ISB Single-axis Robot series.

New Catalog PDF Downloads

ec digispeedconset covers

Complete set of Three ELECYLINDER® Series Catalogs

Catalog #: CE0268-1A (2020JUN) - Pages: 64
Catalog #: CE0273-2A (2020AUG) - Pages: 32
Catalog #: ECBelt Type with Digital Speed Controller (2020OCT) - Pages: 8
Zip File Size: 21MB - Last Updated: 2020-OCT

ELECYLINDER® Introduction Catalog
An easy to follow introduction to ELECYLINDER actuator types.
- Simple Setup. Only the start point and end point are required.
- Optional built-in push-button digital speed controller.
- Wireless connection option.
- 5 times longer life and 1/5 electrical consumption than an air cylinder.
- Easily repairable in the event of a breakdown.

ELECYLINDER® Large Slider Type
Compared to the conventional pulse motor model this large slider type has a longer stroke and operates at higher speeds.
- Maximum stroke 2500mm.
- Maximum speed 2000m/s.
- Maximum payload 108kg.
- Compatible with wireless teaching.
- Motor drive DC power unit can supply power for up to 6 axes.

New Additions for EC Belt Driven Type
- EC Belt types with built-in Digital Speed Controller with buttons on the actuator to set up positions, acceleration, velocity, deceleration.

isp single axis set covers

Complete Set of Two ISB Series Catalogs

Catalog #: CE0172-2A-UST-2.5A (0618)
Pages: 80
Catalog #: CE0276-1A (2020SEP)
Pages: 10
Zip File Size: 12 MB
Last Updated: 2020-10

ISB/SSPA Single-Axis Robot Series Catalog
A major revamp of the single-axis robot IS series with improvements all around; from preciseness, rigidity and payload capacity to speed and acceleration/deceleration.
* High-precision type is available and positioning repeatability is up to ±3µm.

IS(P)B-WXM LARGE Single-Axis Robot Series Catalog
Large single-axis types with a 400kg horizontal payload are now available!
- Maximum stroke 3000 mm.
- Maximum speed 2500 mm/s.
- Maximum acceleration/deceleration 1.2G.
- Maximum payload capacity: Horizontal 400kg , Vertical 70kg.

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