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Smart Phone, Tablet & Computer

Automating Touch Panel Inspection Process

Industry: Electronic equipment / Home Appliances Process: Positioning Inspection Process Costs were Reduced! [Product Handled] · Touchscreen tablet [Process] · Touch the display on the touchscreen with a pen (touch inspection). This is the process of inspecting the...

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Easy Automation Concept Vol.4-2 Video #08

Example Video #08: Glass Board Work Piece Transfer System - Air cylinder vs IAI's ROBO Cylinder Glass boards are placed on a pallet in this process. 16 work pieces are placed in lines on one pallet. The deburring brush attached to the motorized spindle*2 is used to...

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Inspection System for Smartphones Application Example

Inspection / Examination / Etc. Inspection System for Smartphones Application Example Controller: PCON-C Actuator: RCP2-RTC Overview of the Equipment Inspects for the presence of imperfections by rotating the smartphone which is attached to a jig. The external...

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