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This demo application video is from International Robot Exhibition 2017 Tokyo, Japan

Point 1: High-Payload about 30kg.
Point 2: High-Rigidity to withstand both the reaction force (40N·m) of M12 screw of the Nut Runner and the moment of X-axis (430N·m).

[Electric Actuator Models]

X-axis: ISB-LXM-WA
Y-axis: NS-LXMM-A (2 sets)
Z-axis: ISB-MXL-WA (2 sets)
Single-axis/L: ISB-LXL-WA


Additional Notes:
181220 01 r190108 nut runner chart thumb

2018-12-20: Product Availability Simplified Chart for Nut Runner Application

Please click here to see the chart.

This chart is simplified only to show our product availabilities.
Please contact IAI to select right models and part numbers for your application.

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