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RCC Rod Type Actuator The Rod Type Robo Cylinder is designed for applications involving controllable vertical motion. The RCS series employs an AC servo motor and is available in a wide array of configurations, closely approximating the dimensions of air cylinders.

The Rod type features a rod that extends and retracts from the actuator's body and is used in positional functions. The RCS controller is programmable up to 16 positions down to a 0.01 mm resolution. RCS Rod type actuators are available in either Short or Slim Body shapes. Both are also available with single or double guides, and the Slim Body series also features side-mounted Folded Motor configurations for shorter overall lengths.

The RCS Rod type Slim Body actuator features cross-sectional dimensions similar to that of an air cylinder, and is available in widths of 35, 45, and 55 mm. The Slim Body actuators are available in both an in-line motor configuration, termed the Straight type, and an overall length-reducing Folded Motor type. The RCS Rod type Short Body actuators feature overall lengths similar to those of air cylinders.

The RCS Rod type Robo Cylinder has been used in applications where user I/O is not needed but multiple positions are required. Using only 16 positions and eliminating any programmability or user I/O brings down the system cost, making the Robo Cylinder very affordable. By utilizing our Robo Cylinder serial communication protocol, a PLC or industrial PC could store the point table and send over the changes via RS485. This method would create virtually an infinite amount of positions stored remotely in the PLC or Industrial PC. For applications requiring user I/O and programmability, some RCS actuators may also be used with the X-SEL, a programmable, multi axis controller from Intelligent Actuator.

RCS actuators are generally used with the RCS-C controller. Certain RCS actuators are compatible with the RCS-E controller, the E-CON single axis controller, or the X-SEL multi axis controller. All Robo Cylinder controllers can be operated by either a Teaching Pendant or PC Interface Software.

The RCS Rod type actuators are divided in to two general categories:

  • Slim type "Narrow" actuators with cross-sectional dimensions similar to a pneumatic cylinder.
  • Short type The overall length of the Short type is a mere 74~83 mm + the stroke length, resulting a short actuator similar in length to an air cylinder.

Variations include Folded Motor and Guided models.

CE versions also available.
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