The ECON controller is now obsolete. Refer to the new SCON-CA Controller.

E-CON Controller from Intelligent Actuator The E-CON from Intelligent Actuator is a single axis controller compatible with some RCS actuators.

The E-Con motion controller from Intelligent Actuator is a single-axis controller designed for economy, flexibility, and ease-of-use. Featuring network compatibility with DeviceNet, CC-Link, Profi Bus, and UNI-WIRE, the E-con is intended to control Intelligent Actuator 60-750W Cartesian actuators. Labor-saving functions including Zone Signal Output, Hold Signal, and Push Mode are supported, and up to 64 points may be input. For single-axis applications requiring only simple point-to-point motion, the E-Con controller serves as a low-cost alternative to more powerful controllers. For multiple-axis systems featuring high-level interpolated motion, Intelligent Actuator's recently expanded line of X-SEL controller is recommended.

The E-CON is similar to the RCS-C type controller. The E-CON offers 64 positions to only 16 for the RCS-C, network compatibility, and a CE version.

View the E-CON Controller PDF Catalog.

Advanced control capabilities
  • Network Compatibility: Standard communication protocols include RS232 and discrete I/O. DeviceNet, Ethernet, Profibus, and CC-Link protocols are also supported and available as options.
  • Absolute Encoders: An absolute system enhances productivity by eliminating the need for homing after powering up the system.
  • Zone Signal Function: This feature enhances safety, peripheral interaction, and reduces cycle times by outputting a signal when a slider enters one of up to four user-defined 'zones'.
  • Enhanced Safety: CE certification optional
Compatible Actuators

The following RCS actuators can be controlled by the E-CON:

  • RCS-RA-55 Rod
  • RCS-RA-55-GS/GD Guided Rod
  • RCS-RA-55R Folded Motor Rod
  • RCS-SS Slider
  • RCS-SSR Folded Motor Slider
  • RCS-SM Slider
  • RCS-SMR Folded Motor Slider
  • RCS-F55 Flat
CE versions also available.
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