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Q: We powered up the Robo Cylinder, but we can't run it with either the software, teach pendant or through the I/O. On the software and teach pendant, we get a '20D error'.

A: In order to run the Robo Cylinder, the 'Sudden Stop' input must be on. It's a normally-closed input designed to stop the Robo Cylinder when tied to a door latch, light curtain, etc., and then continue motion after the input turns back on.

Q: When controlling the unit in point-to-point mode using the 'Command Position' inputs, we were able to move to the first position, but did not see the Positioning Complete Output at the end of the move.

A: Make sure that you turn off the Start input after the unit begins to move. You will not see the Positioning Complete Output turn on until the Start input is off.

Q: Do I have to wait for the Robo Cylinder to reach the final position in point-to-point mode before I tell it to move to another position?

A: No. The Robo Cylinder can move to the next point before it reaches the first. Simply dial in the new Command Position inputs and pulse the start input.

NOTE: The RCP is an obsolete product. It has been replaced by RCP2, RCP3 and the PCON controller.

Q: I'm a bit confused on what happens when the RCP rod type torques out in push mode and when it strokes out in push mode. What happens on the outputs?

A: When the Rod Type torques out, the position complete output AND the complete position outputs turn on. When the Rod Type strokes out, ONLY the complete position outputs turn on indicating what position it's at.

Q: Is the Robo Cylinder available with PNP I/O?

A: Yes. The voltage level is different to turn on inputs and when outputs are on..

Q: With some controllers, you have to re-home after using the dedicated e-stop inputs. Do you have to re-home the Robo Cylinder after e-stop?

A: No. The Robo Cylinder is unique in that the e-stop terminal does not shut down the encoder or main CPU. The only time you have to re-home is if you have a major axis fault or cycle power on the controller.

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