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ROBO Cylinder Electric Actuator Industrial Robotics

RCS2-GR8 Servo Motor Electric Gripper

RCS2 Servo Motor Finger Gripper Type Electric Actuator Industrial Robotics

RCS2-GR8 Gripper Type, Actuator Width 104mm~284mm, 200V Servo Motor

RCS2 Servo Motor Gripper Electric Actuator Industrial Robotics Automation

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RCS2-GR8 Lead and Load Capacity

Motor Output (W)
Gear Ratio (mm)
Max Gripping Force (N)
Stroke (mm)
RCS2-GR8-I-60-5-[1]-[2]-[3] 60
22.5 (11.25 per side)
20, 40, (60), (80), 100, (120), (200)

[1] = Stroke, [2] = Cable Length, [3] = Options
* The strokes in () (60, 80, 120 and 200) represent semi-standard models. The maximum gripping force is the sum of gripping forces of both fingers.

RCS2-GR8 Specs

Drive Method
Rack & Pinion
Positioning Repeatability
0.7mm or less
Material: Aluminum with White Alumite Treatment
Ambient Operating Temp/Humidity
0-40 °C, 85% RH or below (non-condensing)
Allowable Load Moment
Ma : 5.1Nm Mb : 5.1Nm Mc 10.4Nm

RCS2-GR8 Controllers

RCS2 series actuators can be operated using the following controllers.
Choose the type that best suits your specific purpose.

Max Positioning Points
Input Power Supply
Power Supply Capacity


Positioner Type
Supports up to 512 positioning points
512 points

Single-Phase 100VAC

Single-phase 200VAC

Three-phase 200VAC

360VA max.

*1-axis specification, operated at 150W

Solenoid Valve Mode
Same control actions as those applicable to solenoid valves
3 points
Serial Communication Type
Dedicated serial communication type
64 points
Pulse-train Input Control Type
Dedicated pulse-train input type
Program Control, 1 or 2-axis Type
Programmable type capable of operating up to 2 axes
1500 points
Program Control 1 to 6-axis Type
Programmable type capable of operating up to 6 axes
4000 points

*The SSEL and XSEL model names are based on a 1-axis specification.
*[1] Indicates the power-supply voltage type (1: 100V / 2: Single-phase 200V / 3: Three-phase 200V).
*[2] Indicates the XSEL Type (J/K/P/Q).

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