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Position controller MSCON

This position controller is space-saving, low-cost, and easy to use
- Can be connected directly to key field networks -
- Offboard tuning function -
- Vibration control function -

Six position controllers combined into one unit

1. Space-saving, low-cost, and easy to use

Six RCS2 / RCS3 (SCON-CA) controllers are combined into one unit to save the installation space and achieve significant reduction in total cost.

In implementations where many SCON controllers are used, switching to MSCON controllers will save the controller installation space to a half or even less. As the controller panel size becomes smaller, cost drops significantly.


2. Movement by numerical specification via Field network

MSCON controllers can be connected directly to key field networks such as DeviceNet, CC-Link, PROFIBUS-DP, MECHATROLINK(*), CompoNet, EtherCAT(*) and EtherNet/IP.
Specifications supporting the networks indicated by (*) will be available soon.


Features of Network Specification

  • 256 positioning points per axis
  • Moving the actuator after numerically specifying the position to move to, and the speed
  • Checking the current position in real time
  • Significantly shorter communication time within the controller (approx. one-sixth compared to conventional controllers)

  • 3. Offboard tuning function to enhance actuator payload capacity

    The offboard tuning function increases the acceleration/ deceleration speed when the load is small, and decreases the acceleration/deceleration when the load is large, to ensure optimal operation settings according to the load.

    4. Vibration control function for shorter cycle time

    The vibration control function has been added to prevent the work from shaking (vibrating) on the actuator slider as the slider moves. The wait time for vibration to stabilize is shorter and the cycle time can also be shortened.

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