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March 31, 2017

Once or twice a month, we like to share IAI Actuator News with the automation community. We are introducing new additions to the IK Series Cartesian systems, an Easy Automation video and an application example.

New IK Cartesian System

IK Cartesian System - IAI America

Cartesian Robots have never been more affordable.

The ROBO Cylinder® equipped as standard with a Battery-less Absolute Encoder has been added to the "IK Series". This helps reduce the number of design and assembly steps.

The ROBO Cylinder® RCP6 Series has been adopted to achieve even higher speeds than conventional models.

The available configurations have been greatly expanded from the conventional models, allowing the ideal selection to suit your needs from 396 options. (7,056 options including the cable track selection) New configuration types using the RCP6 wide slider type (WSA) have been added.

x-y-2axis-configuration - IAI America
y-z 2-axis configuration - IAI America
x-y-z 3-axis configuration - IAI America

Easy Automation Improvement Videos


Deburring System

Glass Board Work Piece Transfer System

Application: Equipment for Marking Automobile Parts

Industry: Automotive / Machine Tools
Process: Marking

marking automobile parts

Parts are measured and checked by product type using a camera before the marking process.

This data is sent to the XSEL controller using serial communication. The XSEL controller corrects the character size and angle, then moves the pen attached to the Cartesian robot to mark the alphanumeric characters.

This process was previously done by hand, but automating had the following effects.

  • The cost of errors that happened when done by hand were eliminated.
  • Labor costs were reduced.
  • It became possible to fulfill the automation requests by car manufacturers.

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