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Teach Pendant

TB-03E | TB-02E TB-03E/TB-02E ELECYLINDER® teaching pendant with dedicated power supply unit
Trial operation and data setting of an ELECYLINDER® prior to system electric wiring are possible since the teaching pendant has its own power supply unit!
* Wireless connection enables configuration and trial operation even in places out of reach.
* Monitor the operating status for up to 16 axes while receiving wireless data from the ELECYLINDER®.

* Please also check our General Controller Catalog

1ACE0275-1A (2020DEC)122020-12
Teach Pendant

TB-03 TB-03 Touch Panel Teaching Pendant Catalog with Wireless Data Setting Function for ELECYLINDER® 
Less wiring, simple and swift with wireless connection.
* Status monitoring makes daily maintenance easier and shortens trouble recovery time
* Supports position/program controller
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* Please also check our General Controller Catalog

1ACE0254-1A (1117)42017-11

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