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Note: The FS Series has been moved to the Obsolete Products Archive.
Notice of Discontinuation for the FS Series - August 2020


The FS Series actuators are not actively sold, but are still widely used in production on many machines.  The FS Large is a more recent addition to this belt-driven product line, and offers more capabilities than the original FS Series.  The general characteristics of the FS Series are:

  • Long Stroke
  • High Speed
  • Variety of configurations
  • Narrow width
  • Low operating noise
  • Dust Strip available
  • Multi-axis configurations possible

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Series Features

FS Series actuators are available in 3 different model types and various multi-axis configurations.  Here are the features and links to each:
The NM Type is only 40mm wide yet offers up to 1250mm/sec maximum velocity.  It is often found as the "Y" axis on the gantry configurations.  FS Gantry System
The WM Type is 52mm wide and can handle twice the amount of payload as the NM type.  On older systems, the WM is usually the X axis.
The FS Large Type has an HS High Speed type (2000 mm/sec) and an LM High Payload type (60kg).  This series is also available in the standard gantry configuration.

Controller Features

The FS Series is operated by the current generation X-SEL Controller. The SEL Controllers offer:

  • CPUs (Main and Motor)
  • Drivers
  • 2-channel RS232c port (option)
  • NPN or PNP User I/O
  • Memory for 3,000 steps of programming
  • Positioning for up to 2000 points
  • 24 user inputs (standard)
  • 24 user outputs (standard)

Actuator Specifications

Moment Load and Overhang
Ma, Mb, Mc Moment Loads
Overhang Load Length
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