FS-11HM-400 or FS-12HM-400

Model Type: 11HM 12HM
Motors: 400W AC Servo
Encoder: Incremental Optical Encoder
Maximum Horizontal Payload:
(stroke lengths between 1000-1500mm)
10 kg 40 kg
Minimum Speed: 1 mm/sec
Maximum Thrust: 254 N
Stroke Lengths: 1000 mm to 3000 mm
(100 mm stroke increments)
Repeatability: +/-0.08 mm
Motor/Belt Connection: Timing Belt
(Gear Reduction 1/3.0)
Rated Speed: 2000 mm/sec
Rated Thrust: 127 N
Moment Loads: Ma:  8.8 N*m
Mb: 7.8 N*m
Mc:  12.7 N*m
Ma:  51.9 N*m
Mb: 47.0 N*m
Mc:  25.4 N*m
Overhang Load Length: 300 mm or less 750 mm or less
Options: One or two guide blocks
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