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Brake Pad Quality Inspection Device

By motorizing the pressing of the brake bad, it was possible to

Drastically reduce the time for changing the setup.

[ Robot/Electric Actuators ]
[ Controllers ]
[Device outline]
  • It is a device that performs the quality inspection of automobile brake pads.
  • The brake pad is pressed against the rotating rotor for a certain period of time to evaluate the extent of friction.
  • Types: 3 types / day
  • Inspection period: 2 hours / type


[Problems in the past]

  • Air cylinder was used to press the brake pad
  • In order to change the pressing force according to the type, it was necessary to perform "setting pressure change" → "trial operation" → "fine adjustment" every time. Therefore, it took time to change the setup.
   Changing the setup: 3 times / day
   Time required to change setup: 15 minutes / time


[Improvements by adopting Robo Cylinder]

  • The setting of the pressing force when changing the product types can now be done easily with numerical values. By doing this, it was possible to drastically reduce the time for changing the setup.
Time required to change setup: 1 minute / time


[Effect by improvements]

  • It was possible to reduce labor costs by shortening the time for changing the setup.
15 minutes (before motorized) - 1 minute (after motorized) = 14 minutes (reduced time)
240 days of operation per year, and personnel costs $18 / hour
42 minutes (14 minutes × 3 times) × 240 days × $18 = $3024


→ Annual reduction effect of $3000


The above application example and results including numbers are introduced from one of our product user's event and experience.
*Exchange Rate: 1(USD)=100(Japanese Yen)

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