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Automotive & Aerospace

Application Example: Door sealing device

Door sealing device [ Robot/Electric Actuators ] [ Controllers ] RCP2-SM x 2 RCP2-C x 2 In the step of applying the sealing material to the door of the automobile with the vertical articulated robot, in order to position the work (door), it fixes it by pushing with...

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Application Example: Device for bending aluminum parts

Device for bending aluminum parts [ Robot/Electric Actuators ] [ Controllers ] ROBO Cylinder 4-Axis (2 sets of slide + rod type) ROBO Cylinder Controller We have had 2 slider type ROBO cylinders and 2 rod type ROBO cylinders adopted for the bending process of long and...

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Application Example: Automatic parts deburring machine

Automatic parts deburring machine [ Robot/Electric Actuators ] [ Controllers ] RCP2W-RA4C RCP2 Controller An auto parts manufacturer adopted ROBO Cylinder as an apparatus to deburr parts which send work to the brush. Moves it quickly to the position of the brush, and...

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Application Example: Device for transporting crankshaft

Device for transporting crankshaft [ Robot/Electric Actuators ] [ Controllers ] ICSA2-G2JH-I-120AQ-80AQ-T1 XSEL 2-Axis controller The two axis orthogonal robot ICSA 2 was adopted as a device that picks up the workpiece (crankshaft) piled up separately and carries it...

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Application Example: Deburring device for resin parts

Deburring device for resin parts [ Robot/Electric Actuators ] [ Controllers ] ICSA2-YAH XSEL RCP2-GR PCON Previously, workers performed the deburring process of molded parts of resin, but it was automated since there were problems such as taking too much workload by...

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Application Example: Brake Pad Quality Inspection Device

Brake Pad Quality Inspection DeviceBy motorizing the pressing of the brake bad, it was possible to Drastically reduce the time for changing the setup. [ Robot/Electric Actuators ] [ Controllers ] RCP5-RA4C - [Device outline] It is a device that performs the quality...

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