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Application Example Animation: EC Ultra-compact 20 mm Width Type in Catalog CE0410 – Transporting a resin gear and press-fitting

Transporting a resin gear and press-fitting

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ELECYLINDER®︎ Ultra-thin size electric actuator is available now!
This is an example of transporting a resin gear and press-fitting it into a motor.
We will introduce an example of its use in an environment with limited space.

Features and Specs:
Ultra-thin size (20mm width)
Stroke: 25~300mm
Max. Speed: 300mm/sec.
Built-in linear guid, Built-in controller
Max. Payload (Slider type): 3kg (Horizontal), 1.5kg (Vertical)
Max. Payload (Rod type): 4kg (Horizontal), 1.25kg (Vertical)
Max. Push force (Rod type): 47N

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EC-S2 (Slider type)
EC-RR2 (Rod type)

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