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EC-16. Circuit board reverser equipment – Transferring, Turning Around, Inspection, Turning Over, – EC Rotary and Mini Rod

Circuit board reverser equipment

Rotary type also has adjustable acceleration and deceleration, allowing the speed to be increased while minimizing the impact of reversal.

Application Example Category:
Electrical Machinery, Precision

Circuit board
Conver A
Conver B
Turning around mechanism
Turning over mechanism
Station to inspect

*First, the circuit board transported by conveyor A is rotated 180 degrees horizontally, turned around, and sent to the inspection station. Next, after the inspection, the circuit board that comes out is turned over and placed on conveyor B.

2023 Digest Catalog:
P.57 (L3)

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EC-RTC9 x 2 units (ELECYLINDER, Rotary Type)

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