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July 13, 2017

Once or twice a month, we like to share IAI Actuator News with the automation community. We have updated the All Products Overview catalog, we'll show the SEL Program Generator and Easy Automation videos.

Updated Product Overview Catalog


Catalog #: CE0033-28.6A (0717)
Pages: 8
File Size: 4.7MB
Last Updated: 7/07/2017

See what IAI has to offer! Discover our full range of motion control systems, including the New ELECYLINDER®, SCARA robots, Cartesian robots, linear actuators, table top robots, intelligent controllers & software, and ROBO Cylinder® electric actuator — the smart alternative to air.

SEL Program Generator

Manual Programming Is No Longer Required for the TTA Tabletop Robot

  • The SEL Program Generator eliminates the tedious work of program creation.
The SEL Program Generator is a PC tool that automatically generates a SEL program and positioning data simply by drawing the operation path on the screen.

Tta feature5

Using the SEL Program Generator...

The tedious work of program creation is eliminated for increased convenience.

• Reduced processes • Shortened time • Improved productivity

2 types of drawing methods can be used to create the operating path.

1. Reading DXF data

2. Drawing with the mouse

Drawing program

Furthermore, the created pathway and actual traveled path are displayed on top of each other to allow for corrections to be made.

Correcting operating path

Easy Automation Improvement Videos

Frame Bonding System

This system produces frames by bonding resin parts. A total of four locations are bonded.
Adhesive is applied to the end faces of resin frame parts. Then, the end faces of the frame parts are pressed together to be joined.
Point 1: Stable operation without uneven speed
Point 2: High-speed operation with minimum shock

Bagged Ice Candy Transfer System

In this process, packed ice candies are moved in groups of six from the completed product transfer conveyor to the boxing line conveyor.
Point 1: Optimal acceleration was set to reduce thrown-away ice candies.
Point 2: Decrease in defects led to labor cost reduction.
Point 3: Assuming that the system will be used for 10 years, 19 replacement air cylinders will be needed, while the ROBO Cylinder will not require replacement.

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