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Special Specification

In addition to the standard products that are listed in the catalog, I have been dealing with various special specification products. If you do not have your desired product, please feel free to contact our sales office or Customer center eight (see the back cover).


  Special Product Examples

  Double Slider
It is effective when the actuator protrudes from the slider a lot and it exceeds the overhang load length or when it exceeds the allowable load moment.
By adding a free slider, the effective stroke will be shorter than the standard product.
  No motor / Special motor
When customer prepares motor and driver, only actuator without motor can be shipped.
In addition, we can ship it by installing the motor specified by the customer.
  Special ball screw lead
It is possible to use lead screw ball screws not available in standard products.
  Special home position
It is possible to change the home position. (mechanical end)
  Turning back motor
Motor turning back can be prepared even for models that do not have motor- turning back type lineup.
  Special Stroke
We can correspond strokes not found in standard products.
  Surface treatment
Surface treatment can be changed by black alumite treatment or hard alumite treatment.
  Air purge specification
By air purge, it is possible to make it harder for foreign matter to enter the inside of the actuator and the motor part than standard parts.
  Sensor specifications
Sensors can be installed on models that do not have sensor options.
It is possible to change grease such as food grease, low dust grease, and cus- tomer specified grease.
  Special orthogonal robot combination
  Special orthogonal robot combination
  Special table top type robot combination
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