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Intermediate Support Structure (Patented)

The intermediate support is an innovative structure that significantly improves the maximum speed of a long stroke type by adding a ballscrew support system that moves with the slider in order to limit the swinging of the ballscrew and increase the critical speed of the actuator.

The structure of the intermediate support is fixed with the ball screw supports fixed at the connecting rod (half the length of the stroke) penetrating the slider through a wire as shown in the right figure.

One end of the wire is fixed on the middle section of the stroke of the base, and is fixed to the slider with the pulley of the ballscrew support.

This mechanism moves the ball screw support by only 1/2 of the slider movement, and the ball screw support always supports the ball screw halfway between the position of the slider and the stroke end, resulting in suppressing the deflection of the ball screw.

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