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Caution when using a guide with a slider type

Installation reference surface of X-axis

When installing an actuator, please mount by using the reference surface below.

Height of the attaching surface of the X1 and X2 axes

Please keep the height difference of the mounting surfaces for the X1 and X2 axes below 0.05mm per 500mm distance between the axes (measurement A on the diagram below).

Parallelism when X1 and X2 axes are installed

The connection between the X2 axis and the Y axis is a pin bracket structure (*1). The base-installing parallelism of the X1 and X2 axes should be within 2+/-1mm over the entire stroke (measurement B on the diagram below).

*1 Pin bracket structure

This structure absorbs any parallelism errors between the X1 axis and X2 axis.

  • X1 axis and Y axis are rigidly fixed.
  • The Y axis mounting bracket is positioned with the center of the Y-axis using 1 parallel pin, and this allows adjustment in the rotation direction, which makes it possible to absorb the angle deviation between the X1 and X2 axes.
  • The Y-axis and the X2-axis are linked with 2 connecting pins, and this allows sliding in the direction of the axes, which absorbs the variations in the distance between the X1-axis slider and the X2-axis slider.
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