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Note: The SS Series has been moved to the Obsolete Products Archive.

The Solid Series are extremely rigid and compact electric actuators.By utilizing steel, the new SS Series is an extremely small and lightweight unit with specifications comparable to those of larger IAI actuators. This lightweight design allows the SS Series Actuator to handle a wider variety of applications including those with limiting space constraints.

Add either the X-SEL motion controller or the E-Con positioner, and you can use Solid Series actuators for both single- and multi-axis positioning.

Application Note:
The SS Series uses a steel base in its design for exceptional rigidity.

Series Features

The SS Series has the most rigidity for the smallest amount of width out of any IAI actuator.  This compact design has aided in the integration of the SS into systems where space constraints are an issue, and the following features are a necessity: Solid Series Actuator.

  • Brushless AC Servo Motors with incremental or absolute optical encoders.
  • A variety of standard ballscrew leads and ballscrew diameters.
  • Smaller width than the larger IS Series actuators.
  • An extremely strong steel/aluminum composite frame with a high degree of torsional rigidity. This rigidity is especially important in multi-axis, Cartesian Coordinate positioning systems.
  • A high strength-to-weight ratio that lets you use SS Series actuators in gantry-style systems.
  • A high ratio of stroke length to overall length is made possible through the use of a small but powerful AC Servo Motor and also because the ballscrew and motor shaft are one. No coupling is used in SS Series actuators.
  • The elimination of the coupling used to connect the ballscrew with the motor because, unlike conventional designs, the ballscrew is the motor shaft.
  • A protective stainless sheet as a standard feature to help restrict the migration of particles generated from within the actuator.
  • Designed for high velocity and high payload with excellent positioning repeatability.

Options include:

  • Magnetic brake
  • Limit switches
  • Creeping sensors
  • Sine-wave Drive Option for smoother control
  • AQ Seal Long-Term Lubrication

Controller Features

The X-SEL Controller is used  to drive the SS actuators.

Click here for X-SEL Controller features and specifications.

The E-Con positioner may also be used for single-axis applications requiring only simple point-to-point motion.

Actuator Specifications

Moment Load and Overhang

Ma, Mb, Mc Moment Loads
Overhang Load Length

The SS Series actuator is rated at 10,000 Km of lifespan using direct recirculating ball bearings running in a hardened carbon steel ground track.  This construction used in conjunction with an integrated motor/ballscrew makes the SS Series one of the most functional Cartesian actuators in the marketplace.

Motors: 60W DC Servo 100W DC Servo 150W DC Servo
Ballscrew: 6mm [12mm] <10mm>{20mm} <10mm>{20mm}
Encoder: Incremental Optical Encoder
Maximum Horizontal Payload: 30kg [15kg] <40kg> {20kg} <60kg> {30kg}
Maximum Vertical Payload: 8kg [4kg] <8kg> {4kg} <12kg> {6kg}
Minimum Speed: 1 mm/sec
Maximum Speed: 300 mm/sec
[600 mm/sec]
{1000 mm/sec}
{1000 mm/sec}
Maximum Thrust: 170 N
[85 N]
<169 N>
{84.9 N}
<256 N>
{128 N}
Stroke Lengths:
(100mm increments)
100-600mm 100-1000mm 100-1000mm
Repeatability: +/-0.02 mm
Motor/Ballscrew Connection: Integrated unit (no coupling)
Moment Loads: Ma (14.7 N*m)
Mb (14.7 N*m)
Mc (33.3 N*m)
Ma (36.3 N*m)
Mb (36.3 N*m)
Mc (77.4 N*m)
Ma (36.3 N*m)
Mb (36.3 N*m)
Mc (77.4 N*m)
Overhang Load Length: 300 mm or less 450 mm or less
Standard Features: Double Linear Motion Guide, steel alloy base, Integrated AC Servo Motor
Options: Brake Unit, Limit Switch, Sine-wave Drive

* Specifications in [ ] are for 12 mm lead, < > for 10 mm lead and { } for 20 mm lead.

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