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Note: The ROBONET Controller has been moved to the Obsolete Products Archive.
Notice of Discontinuation for ROBONET Controller - June 2021

RoboNet Network Controller

The NEW RoboNet Network Controller is here to save you time and space!

RoboNet Network Controller

RoboNet greatly reduces time and effort of wiring and installation.

RoboNet is a new type of controller unit that can freely operate robot cylinders via a field network. This makes it possible to greatly reduce the time and effort of wiring installation compared to conventional controllers by reducing wiring, making the controller smaller, and using DIN rail installation.


1 - Reduced wiring

By connecting each line of the I/O cable to lines wired to the PLC terminals with the field network, wiring processing is completed with one dedicated cable. Also, since the unit can be coupled by just connecting with the unit connection board, the controller wiring work is greatly simplified.

2 - The robot can be moved by directly specifying numeric values for the move position/velocity/acceleration and other data.

Beside the conventional method of moving the robot to pre-taught positions it is also possible to operate the robot by sending information as a sting of numeric data that contains position, velocity, acceleration, etc. values. This is effective for cases such as when the move position changes with each piece or when one wants to move the robot to an arbitrary position.

3 - Ultra-compact

Each unit is an ultra-compact size of 34mm wide by 100mm high x 73mm deep. Also, since there is no base unit and the main unit is coupled with connectors, the controller takes up little space for installation even if there are many units.

4 - Can operate up to 16 axes

Up to 16 controller units can be connected to one communications unit (GatewayR unit). One can also freely mix and connect RACON units (RCA controllers) and RPCON units (RCP2 controllers).

5 - Simple absolute specifications that do not require a return to home position

The simple absolute R unit makes it possible to operate incremental specification axes without returning to the home position. By mounting a simple absolute R unit on a RACON unit (RCA controller)/RPCON unit (RCP2 controller), the actuator encoder data is backed up even if the power is cut off.

6 - DIN rail installation

The controller is installed with DIN rails, so it can be fastened and removed with one touch.

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