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Water proof actuator RCP2W-SA16C

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Water proof actuator slider type

  • Fully conforms to IEC IP67
  • Able to withstand strong/repeated splashes and washing
  • The actuators come in a standard type and an optional cover type to meet your needs

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Series Features

IP67 rated structure provides strong protection against water

  • The RCP2W fully conforms to IEC IP67. 7 - Watertight: Even if the actuator is immersed in water under specific conditions, water does not enter. 6 - Dust: Complete protection, and dust will not enter the system.
  • Magnetic coupling structure (patent pending)

  • Thrust is transmitted via magnetic attraction force to achieve complete sealing around the ball screw.
  • Optional cover type actuator

  • You can select the cover typ3e that protects guides and other sliding parts.

  • Usage Examples

    Water proof actuator slider type Parts Cleaning Parts cleaning equipment

    RCP2W ROBO Cylinder Water proof Type Slide Water Rinsing Equipment
    Water rinsing of equipment after use

    For more information, please refer to the Water proof actuator RCP2W catalog

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