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Features and Benefits:

High-Speed: 2400mm/s IK Series cartesian system PDF Catalog
Maximum Stroke: 3000mm
Maximum Payload: 80kg
Maximum Acceleration: 1.0G

Moves the slider by rotating the nut instead of the ball screw

The actuator is constructed with a fixed ball screw and a slider that moves linearly when its built-in hollow-shaft motor rotates the nut, instead of the nut moving linearly when the ball screw is rotated.

Since the ball screw is not rotated, the effects of dangerous rotation speeds are reduced, making high-speed movement possible even with a long stroke.


NS sizes

1. Variations to Suit Your Need

The new small and medium size additions to the NS series makes it even easier to choose the actuator to fit your needs.

2. Maximum speed of 2400mm/s, Maximum acceleration of 1G

ns-speed-graphA maximum speed of 2,400 mm/s is attained through the use of a high-lead precision screw (equivalent to C5).  In addition, since there is minimal impact from dangerous rotation speeds, movement is possible at the maximum 2,400 mm/s, even at the maximum stroke (3,000 mm), greatly reducing the cycle time.

3. Up to 3000mm of stroke achieved with mid-support mechanisms that significantly reduce deflection

ns-mid-supportBy equipping the NS series with mid-support mechanisms which proved well with the ISA series, deflection of the ball screw is suppressed and vibrations are reduced, allowing a stunning 3,000 mm stroke with a ball screw.

4. Multi-slider compatibility allows two sliders on a single axis to move independently, saving space and greatly reducing cycle time

multi-sliderThe multi-slider type, which allows two sliders on a single axis to move independently, saves space and greatly reduces cycle time.  In addition, the "collision prevention function", which prevents collisions between sliders, is standard with the XSEL and SSEL controllers.

5. Vertical type (brake as standard equipment)

ns-verticalA brake is installed as standard equipment on the vertical type to prevent the slider from falling when the unit is turned off.  This is available with either a single slider or multiple sliders.

6. Long maintenance free period with the AQ seal lubricating unit

aq-sealThe AQ seal is a lubricating unit that contains a lubricant solidified with a resin.  Lubricant is supplied to the guide and the ball screw over a long period of time, providing an extended maintenance-free period of 3 years or 5,000 km of operation with periodic applications of grease.

7. Quality and Innovation

We at IAI are always working to offer high quality and innovative solutions tailored for your specific application. Whenever you need support, IAI's experienced teams of technical support engineers are available to help you diagnose and troubleshoot IAI products. When you require innovative and high quality robots, excellent service and support for your unique needs, demand IAI!

Maximum Speed (mm/s)
Maximum Acceleration
Maximum Stroke (mm)

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