September 2015

IAI has been busy working on new additions to our ROBO Cylinder®, Direct Drive motor, and motion controller lines.
Here are some sneak-peeks of what's on the horizon.

RCP5CR Cleanroom type


Class 10 cleanroom types have been added to three RCP5 models (SA4 / SA6 / SA7).

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RCP5 Side-mounted motor type and Belt type


We are expanding the variations by adding Side-mounted motor types and Belt types to the ROBO Cylinder RCP5 series.

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IP66M Protection for DD Motor series


Dust-proof/Splash-proof IP66M protection will become available to the flange-less type DD-LH18C. It is totally protected from dust and may be used in applications with strong jets of water.

High-speed and High Acceleration/Deceleration
Shorter positioning time means shorter cycle time resulting in greater productivity.

High Torque, High Payload
Torque and payloads will be significantly increased when compared to a standard dust-proof/splash-proof rotary type.

IAI Tech Support Lines

Please call IAI technical support from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at these locations:

Western U.S. office: (800) 736-1712
Central U.S. office: (800) 944-0333
Eastern U.S. office: (888) 354-9470

Outside office hours, please use our contact form.

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