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October 20, 2017

Once or twice a month, we like to share IAI Actuator News with the automation community.
New Mini ROBO Cylinder® Cleanroom / Dust / Splash-proof specifications have been added.
Also, view a new Easy Automation Application Improvement video Vol.7-1.

Mini robo cyl cleanroom banner

Cleanroom specification and dust-proof/splash-proof specification types have been added. Select the type best suited to your environment.

Two standards represent cleanliness:

02aa cleanclass1. Fed.Std.209D Standard

Displays the number of particles in 1 cubic feet with reference to particles of 0.5µm or more. Class 1, 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000

02bb cleanclass2. JIS B9920 (ISO 14644-1) Standard

The number of particles 0.1µm or larger in 1 cubic meter is expressed in exponents when expressed in powers of 10.

02cc cleanclassWhat is IP? IP 5 2

It is the IEC standard regulated grade for the degree of waterproofing and dustproofing.

1st Display Number: Protection from the human body or solid foreign matter. (5: Dust that will affect operation will not enter the main body.)

2nd Display Number: Protection from water ingress. (2: No harmful effects from water drops falling within 15° from the vertical.)

Cleanroom, dust-proof and splash-proof models have been added to 5 types, with 3 sizes of each type, for a total of 15 models.

03 minivariations

Easy Automation Improvement Example Vol.7-1

Loader / Unloader for Press Machine

A loader/unloader for a press machine that produces lids for cans. It loads the material from the material feeder to the press machine and unloads the pressed products to the product chute.


Problems occurred with Air Cylinder

The material or product may drop due to a shock when the X-axis stops.
The shock can be reduced by lowering the speed of the air cylinder, but lowering the speed is impractical as it would reduce the production volume.

The current cycle time is 4.6 seconds.
The defect rate is 0.1%. So, there are approx. 10 defective products a day.
Defective products are thrown away.


Improvements Achieved by the ROBO Cylinder®

1. Shorter cycle time by using acceleration & deceleration functions
The ROBO Cylinder lets you set desired speed, acceleration, and deceleration.
By setting high speed, high acceleration, and gradual deceleration, high-speed operation with shock-less stopping became possible.

As a result, the cycle time was reduced by 1.7 seconds, and the line operating hours per day became shorter by 4.7 hours.

Cycle time:

Air cylinder:
4.6 seconds

ROBO Cylinder®:
2.9 seconds

Line operating hours:

Air cylinder:
12.8 hours/day

ROBO Cylinder®:
8.1 hours/day

2. Defect Rate Dropped to 0%
Gradual deceleration eliminated the shock caused by stopping.

As a result, there are no more defective products due to dropping of materials or products.

Defect rate: (Production volume: 10,000 pieces/day)

Air cylinder:

ROBO Cylinder®:

3. Simpler system configuration with multi-point

The air-cylinder system used an intermediate-stop cylinder to perform positioning operations to three points.   The ROBO Cylinder® can perform positioning to three points using its multi-point positioning function.

With the ROBO Cylinder®, multi-point positioning is easy.   Anyone can perform adjustments in the same way by simply entering values on the teaching pendant.


Cost Cutting Effect

(1) Conditions

Required production quantity 10,000 pieces/day
Labor cost $18*/hour
Cost of product $0.028*/piece
Annual operation days 250 days

(2) Comparison of air cylinder and ROBO Cylinder®

Item System using air cylinder System using ROBO Cylinder®
Cycle time 4.6 seconds 2.9 seconds
Line operating hours 12.8 hours/day 8.1 hours/day
4.6 seconds x 10,000pieces =
250 days/year = $57,600*/year
2.9 seconds x 10,000 pieces =
29,000 seconds ≈ 8.1 hours
Labor cost $57,600*/year $36,450*/year
12.8 hours/day x $18*/hour x 250 days/year
= $57,600*/year
8.1 hours/day x $18*/hour x 250 days/year
= $36,450*/year
Defect disposal cost $70* $0/year
10 pieces/day x $0.028*/piece x
250 days/year = $70*

(3) Cost Cutting Effect

Air Cylinder ROBO Cylinder®
Labor cost $57,600* - $36,450* = $21,150*
Defect disposal cost $70* - $0 = $70*
Difference = $21,220*



By adopting the ROBO Cylinder®, the cycle time was reduced, and the line operating hours became approx. 35% shorter, resulting in an annual cost saving of $21,220* .

* Exchange Rate: 1(USD) = 100(Japanese Yen)

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