Linear Servo Electric Actuator Catalogs

Linear Servo Actuators Catalogs

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LSAS-N10/N15LSAS-N10/N15 Catalog
Catalog #: CJ0174-1A-UST-1-0111 (3.2 MB)
Pages: 16

Introducing a new type of absolute linear servo actuator requiring no battery — The Quasi-Absolute Encoder is a new encoder offering the advantages of both incremental and absolute encoders.

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lsa-n10LSA-N10 Medium Type Linear Servo Actuator
Catalog #: CJ0141-1A-UST-1-0409 (804 KB)
Pages: 4

The New LSA-N10 medium sized linear servo actuator features high performance 3G acceleration, max speed of 2,500mm/s and thrusts of up to 162N. Available in strokes up to 4,100mm.

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lsaLSA Linear Servo Actuator Series
Catalog #: CJ0094-3A-UST-2-1108 (8.7 MB)
Pages: 68
Replacing the ball screw with no-friction magnets, the LSA series delivers exceptional repeatability at ultra-high speeds. To dramatically reduce cycle time, the LSA can accelerate or decelerate much faster (3G) than advanced ball screw actuators.

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