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Note: The IX-NNN1000 / 1200 has been moved to the Obsolete Products Archive.
Replacement models are listed in the Notice for Discontinuation of IX-NNN1000 / 1200 - September 2021

A Palm-Sized SCARA Unit
Capable of Driving a Maximum Payload of 1 kg

The new SCARA model of 180 mm arm length and cleanroom specification were added to the lineup, further extending the utility and applications of the IX-NNN / NNC series SCARA.

IX-NNN Ultra Compact SCARA Robot - IAI Intelligent Actuator


1 - Standard and cleanroom specification SCARAs are available in three arm lengths of 120mm, 150mm and 180mm

2 - Optional connector-type cables for connection between the controller and SCARA
The motor/encoder cables can be specified as connector types (optional) for added ease of handling and replacement.

3 - The SCARAs compact size is ideal for installation in limited space
A maximum SCARA work envelope of 360mm can be ensured in a small installation space of 47mm (W) x 132mm (D), enabling substantial size reduction of your production line.

4 - The Ultra-compact SCARA is powerful - Offers a rated an maximum load capacity of 0.2 kg and 1 kg
The SCARAs despite their small size, a 0.2 kg load can be transferred at high speed. If the acceleration of the SCARA is reduced, a load of up to 1 kg can be transferred. *The rated load capacity of the SCARA indicates the maximum weight that can be operated at the maximum speed and rated continuous acceleration. The maximum load capacity of the SCARA indicates the maximum weight that can be transferred at lower speed and acceleration by the SCARA.

5 - The high-speed performance of the SCARA achieves a cycle time of 0.35 second
The dynamic performance and highly rigid body of the SCARA ensures outstanding high-speed performance that is among the best in its class. *The cycle time of the SCARA was measured on the IX-NNN1205 based on reciprocating movements over a horizontal distance of 100 mm and vertical distance of 24 mm, carrying a 0.2 kg load.


IX-NNN SCARA Sample - IAI Intelligent Actuator
See the IX SCARA Videos page.

IX-NNN/NNC Ultra Compact SCARA CAD - IAI Intelligent Actuator

For more information, please refer to the IX-NNN Ultra Compact SCARA catalog.

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