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IX SCARA Conveyor Tracking Demo

Watch the high-speed conveyer tracking demo of the IX SCARA at 670mm/sec.

IX-NNN Ultra Compact Model SCARA

The IX-NNN Ultra Compact SCARA with ISA/ISPA series single axis robots.
The Ultra Compact nature of the SCARAs allow precise movements in restricted spaces.

IX Standard Model SCARA

Basic motion of our standard IX 600 SCARA.
Full control over rapid acceleration and deceleration, as well as the "Push" function in the Z axis.

SCARA Palletizing Demo

Our IX series SCARA features Built-in Palletizing - just teach it 3 points and the intelligent X-SEL® controller calculates the rest. About halfway through the video, note how the robot switches from left arm motion to right arm motion on the fly.

SCARA Sealant Dispensing Demo

The IX series SCARA is ideal for precision sealing and dispensing applications.
Advanced functionality of the X-SEL® controller offers high-speed 3D Path capability and is easy to program.

Cleanroom SCARA Demo

The IX NNC 500 Class 10 Cleanroom SCARA robot in action. With Wall and Ceiling mount models available,
the IX offers motion control solutions for semiconductor, medical device, and other cleanroom applications.

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