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High-Precision & High-Speed Single Axis Robot

ISB / SSPA Series


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A major revamp of the single-axis robot IS series with improvements all around—from preciseness, rigidity and payload capacity to speed and acceleration/deceleration.


1. Improved Preciseness

  • The positioning repeatability is twice as high as with a similar conventional product

  • Due to an improved preciseness of the guide, the dynamic straightness of the slider is now
    0.015 mm/m or less. (*)

    * Based on the SSPA of high straightness, precision specification.
       Refer to P. 12 of the product catalog for details.


2. Improved Rigidity

  • The SSPA series is an iron base type. It has more than twice the allowable moment in the Mc direction in comparison to the old model of the same size.

[ Comparison between the large iron base type (SSPA-LXM) and the old model ]
• The same payload and Mc-direction rigidity are achieved at a cross-section area of just 60%
that of a conventional product of an extra-large type (ISA-WXM).


  • The long slider type has a longer slider compared to the standard model. Compared to the old model of the same size, the allowable Mc is increased by 10 to 20%.

    *Long slider type is only for the ISB/ISPB series.


3. Medium and small types have been added to the iron base series


4. Performance Upgrade

(Note: Specifications will vary depending on the model and lead.)

  • The payload has increased by approx. 10% with all models.
  • The maximum stroke has become longer with all models except for those with an intermediate support.
  • The rated acceleration has increased from 0.3 G to 0.4 G, while the maximum acceleration has increased from 1.0 G to 1.2 G.
  • The maximum speed of 2500 mm/s (*) is now possible. *Based on the SSPA of lead 50.
  • The maximum speed has increased from 1000 mm/s to 1800 mm/s with M/L-size types of the simple, dustproof specification or cleanroom specification.


5. Easier to Use

  • AQ seal is a standard feature.
  • Easier to grease the ball screw and guide.
  • A reference surface is set on the slider.
  • Greater flexibility of mounting.
  • Four cable exit directions to choose from.
  • The top of the motor does not contact the load on the slider.


Model Description

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