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ISB / SSPA Single-Axis Electric Actuator

A major revamp of the single-axis robot IS series with improvements all around - from precision, rigidity and payload capacity to speed and acceleration/deceleration.

1. Improved Precision

The positioning repeatability is twice as high as with a similar conventional product.

                  Conventional Product             ISB/ISPB series
Standard specification
High-precision specification
±0.003mm (New)

Due to improved precision of the guide, the dynamic straightness of the slider is now 0.015mm/m or less.(*)
* Based on the SSPA of high straightness, precision specification. Refer to P.10 of the catalog for details.

2. Improved Rigidity

The SSPA series is an iron base type. It has more than twice the allowable moment in the Mc direction in comparison to the old model of the same size.

ISB SSPA Mc load direction
[ Comparison between the large iron base type (SSPA-LXM) and the old model ]
The same payload and Mc-direction rigidity are achieved at a cross-section area of just 60% that of a conventional product of an extra-large type (ISA-WXM).

Comparison with conventional product of same payload and Mc-direction rigidity
New Iron-base type SSPA-LXM Conventional product
Sspa lxm xsection Isa wxm xsection

The long slider type has a longer slider compared to the standard model. Compared to the old model of the same size, the allowable Mc is increased by 10 to 20%.
*Long slider type is only for the ISB/ISPB series.
Slider comparison
Slider length table

3. Medium and small types have been added to the iron based series. (IS Cast: SSPA / SSPDACR)


4. Performance Upgrade

(note) Specifications will vary depending on the model and lead.

Isb max velocity

  • The payload has increased by approximately 10% with all models.
  • The maximum stroke has become longer with all models except for those with an intermediate support.
  • The rated acceleration has increased from 0.3 G to 0.4 G, while the maximum acceleration has increased from 1.0 G to 1.2 G.
  • The maximum speed of 2500 mm/s(*) is now possible.
    (*) Based on the SSPA of lead 50.
  • The maximum speed has increased from 1000 mm/s to 1800 mm/s with M/L-size types of the simple, dustproof specification or cleanroom specification.

  • 5. Easier to Use

    1. AQ seal is a standard feature.
    2. Easier to grease the ball screw and guide.
    3. A reference surface is set on the slider to improve mounting preciseness.
    4. Greater flexibility of mounting.
    5. Four cable exit directions to choose from.
    6. The top of the motor does not contact the load on the slider.

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