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green automation iai robo cylinder other benefits

energy efficent green automation electric robo cylinder actuatorsROBO Cylinders also offer various other benefits in addition to energy efficiency.

Improved Performance

green automation robo cylinder electric actuator speed With ROBO Cylinder electric actuators, desired speed and acceleration is easily programmed and supports up to 1,500 positions. Because the operating conditions can be fine tuned, you can expect the following benefits:
- Minimize damaged work
- Eliminate dropped work
- Minimize work defects (via significant improvement of processing accuracy)

Shorter Cycle Time

green automation electric actuator robo cylinder tact time The air pressure and other conditions do not need to be changed every time the load is changed, so the setup after changeover to ROBO Cylinder electric actuators are smooth. In addition, you can be assured of constant speed and no other unwanted outcomes during processing work due to fluctuation of pressure as in an air cylinder.

Longer Life green automation robo cylinder electric actuator aq seal
All ROBO Cylinders come standard with AQ seals that consist of solidified lubrication impregnated resin. When combined with regular greasing by the AQ seal, the innovative lubrication technology will assure maintenance operation for up to 5,000 km of travel or three years. Since parts will not require frequent replacement, businesses will see a reduction in running cost of the facility.
Extra Functions Added to Improve Energy Efficiency

robo cylinder green automation for a greener environment Full Servo Control Mode
In this mode, current of the pulse motor installed in the RCP2 series is reduced to 1/2 to 1/4 in standstill state. It provides an effective way to suppress power consumption when the motor remains in standstill for a long time at standby position.
Automatic Servo-Off Mode
Once positioning is completed, the servo will turn off automatically after a specified time. Since holding current does not flow while the servo is off, power consumption can be reduced. (External force must not be applied while the servo is off.)

The comparison of electric costs between a ROBO Cylinder and an air cylinder application.
Examples of real-world energy-saving application benefits of ROBO Cylinder.
Other benefits of a ROBO Cylinder system:

- Longer Life - High Quality - Improved Productivity -

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