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IAI America Green Automation Energy Efficient Electric Actuators

Learn about the Energy Efficient ROBO Cylinder Electric Actuators!

green automation robo cylinder ultra high thrust electric actuator
Automobile Part Press Fitting

An automobile part assembler adopted IAI’s ultra high-thrust ROBO Cylinder for their press fitting system.

A punch is installed at the tip of the cylinder to press fit parts. The previous system used a pressure-boosting type “air + hydraulic” cylinder. Since the system must handle three types of loads, the jig had to be changed and set up every time the load was changed, which made the setup process very troublesome.

By introducing the ROBO Cylinder, the setup process was simplified, and the customer also benefitted from the following listed below. The customer is now examining switching 170 systems in their plant to ROBO Cylinder types.

Benefits of ROBO Cylinder (Results of Trial Calculations by Customer)

Shorter Tact Time 2.84 sec -> 1.79 sec
Less Annual Power Consumption (Per electric actuator) $40.73 -> $13.65
Less Annual CO2 Emissions 88.2kg -> 19.7kg-C
Annual CO2 emissions when all systems in the plant are changed from air cylinders to ROBO Cylinders 15t-c -> 3.35t-C

*1 USD = 100 JPY (3/08)

green automation robo cylinder electric linear actuator rod type

Glass Board Transfer System

A glass board processor incorporated IAI's rod type ROBO Cylinder for their transfer & unloading system.

The customer was previously using an air cylinder system for the transfer process that consisted of steps (1) to (4) shown to the right. By replacing the air system with an energy efficient ROBO Cylinder system, the power consumption has dramatically decreased.

Benefits of ROBO Cylinder (Results of Trial Calculations by Customer)

Air Cylinder ROBO Cylinder
Air Consumption per cycle: 0.0924 Nm3 (Conditions)
- Average Cycle Time: 70 sec
- Operating Hours: 9hrs/day, 240 days/year
Annual air consumption: 10,263 Nm3
Power consumption from 1 day of operation: 1.32 kwh/day
Power consumption from 1 year of operation: 330 kwh/year (Benefits)
Compressed air generated from 330 kwh: 3,300 (Nm3)
(When 10 Nm3 of air is assumed to be generated from the unit electricity (kwh))
1 - (3,300 Nm310,263 Nm3
= 0.68 = 68%
A reduction of approximately 68% electricity use.

* In general, 1 to 7 Nm3 of compressed air can be produced from a unit of electricity (kwh)

The comparison of electric costs between a ROBO Cylinder and an air cylinder application.
Examples of real-world energy-saving application benefits of ROBO Cylinder.
Other benefits of a ROBO Cylinder system:

- Longer Life - High Quality - Improved Productivity -

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