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EtherNet/IP PCON ACON Controllers
- High-speed and high-volume communication -
- Easy connection with peripherals -
- Reduces wiring -
- Operate by Remote I/O mode or through Direct Control -

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PCON and ACON controllers are now availabe in EtherNet/IP-ready versions. International Standard Network allows high-speed communication with its peripheral devices via an Ethernet cable.

1. High-speed and high-volume communication

Allows 100Mbps high-speed communication. The communication cycle can be set to each communication group. By setting an appropriate communication cycle to each communication group, high-speed mass transfer is attained.

2. Easy connection with peripherals

EtherNet/IP is a global open field network. It is specified by the ISO/IEC 61158 series and is incorporated by numerous manufacturers. With EtherNet/IP, IAI product can communicate with many peripheral devices.

3. Reduces wiring

EtherNet/IP controllers input and output data to/from the master via an Ethernet cable. This not only reduces the number of wires but also prevents mis-wiring and achieves greater ease of maintenance.

4. Operate by Remote I/O mode (position table movements) or through Direct Control

When operating an actuator you can choose to communicate with the controller in a mode most suited for the application. Remote I/O mode allows the selection of movements that have been predefined (varying positions, speeds, and other conditions) in the controller's position data table, whereas with Direct Control, these values may be specified directly to the controller from the host.

Connectable Actuator Types

Connectable actuator RCP2 series / RCP3 series RCA series / RCA2 series / RCL series

Model Items

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System Configuration (Connection Example)

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External Dimensions - PCON-C/CG, ACON-C/CG

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EtherNet/IP Communication Specifications

Item Specification
Communication protocol Dedicated EtherNet/IP protocol (NOTE 3)
Communication speed (Note 1) 10BASE-T/100BASE-T (Auto-negotiation setting is recommended)
Communication period Automatically set according to the master
Communication cable length Not to exceed 100 m between the hub and each node
Settable node addresses ~ (Set as at shipment)
Communication cable Straight cable of category 5e or above (Double-shield cable braided with aluminum tape is recommended)
Connectors RJ45 connector x 1
Connection hub (Note 2) Switching hub
  • (Note 1): Make sure the link setting of the EtherNet/IP unit matches the communication mode set for the connected switching hub. If not, the link becomes unstable and communication cannot be performed properly. It is recommended to enable auto negotiation to set the baud rate for ACON and PCON. For further detail on communication setting, please refer to the EtherNet/IP manual.
  • (Note 2): Build your network using a switching hub, without using a repeater hub. If a repeater hub is used, tag data link operation may become unstable. For details, refer to the operation manual for your master unit.
  • (NOTE 3): PCON/ACON Ethernet-IP products are compatible with CIP IMPLICIT messaging only (Remote I/O mode) and not CIP EXPLICIT messaging (Messaging mode). Therefore, our products are compatible with Allen Bradley Logix controllers (ControlLogix, CompactLogix, SoftLogix) based upon RSLogix5000 only. Our products are not compatible with AB legacy products (MicroLogix, SLC500, Pico, or PLC5) based on RS500 or other operating systems.

The versions of teaching tools supporting EtherNet/IP are listed below:

  • PC software: V8.02.00.00 or later
  • CON-PT/PD/PG: V1.20 or later
  • CON-T/TG: V1.10 or later
  • RCM-E/P: V2.20 or later

*If you are using earlier versions of these teaching tools, please use the contact form in the right column.

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