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November 3, 2017
Once or twice a month, we like to share IAI Actuator News with the automation community.
We have a new Easy Automation Application Improvement video Vol.8-1.

Easy Automation Improvement Example Vol.8-1

Inspection System for Resin Case Insert Parts

Inspects the condition, position and quantity of two types of insert parts installed in large onboard resin cases. Formed parts are placed and removed from the system by an operator.


Problems when Air Cylinders are used

The formed part and camera must be stationary to capture a stable inspection image. The camera can capture a clear image after the vibration of the stopping table and camera has died down.

This system has to stand by for 1 second after the movement stops to wait for the vibration to die down.

We could try to lower the air cylinder speed to suppress the vibration caused by the stopping shock. Unfortunately, this would increase the travel time.

So we are not able to shorten the cycle time with the air cylinder.

Currently, it takes 20.0 seconds to inspect one part.


  • Time needed for the operator to change and screen parts: 10.0 seconds
  • Time from start to end of the inspection system: 10.0 seconds


Improvements Achieved by the ROBO Cylinder®

1. Shorter standby time through optimization of operating conditions
Substantially shorter line operating hours

The ROBO Cylinder lets you set desired speeds, accelerations and decelerations separately.

By setting the deceleration low and the speed and acceleration high, high-speed movement free from shock or vibration became possible.


As a result, the work and camera now move faster and spend less time standing by after moving. The inspection time was reduced by 5 seconds.

  Optimization 20171102

The shorter inspection time resulted in substantially shorter system operating hours.

Inspection time

(Per part: Time needed for the operator to change and screen parts + Time from start to end of the inspection system)

Air cylinder: 20.0 seconds

ROBO Cylinder: 15.0 seconds

Line operating hours a day

Air cylinder: 11.7 hours

ROBO Cylinder: 8.8 hours

Line operating hours a year

Air cylinder: 2,925 hours

ROBO Cylinder: 2,200 hours

2. Simpler System Configuration

The ROBO Cylinder comes with a built-in ball-circulating linear guide.

The elimination of external guides made quick assembly and adjustment possible and also simplified the system configuration.

Rcp6 wsa 20171103The newly adopted RCP6-WSA (wide slider type) actuator is slim and withstands high load moment. Two motor installation specifications are available to choose from: the coupled type and the side-mounted type.

Topview 20171103b



Cost Cutting Effect

(1) Conditions

Required inspection capacity 2,100 pieces/day
Annual operating days 250 days
Labor cost $18*/hour

(2) Comparison of Air Cylinder and ROBO Cylinder®

Item System using air cylinder System using ROBO Cylinder
Modification cost - Total cost: $5,000*
(including additional peripherals)
Inspection time 20.0 seconds/unit 15.0 seconds/unit
Line operating hours 11.7 hours/day 8.8 hours/day
Labor cost $52,650*/year
11.7 hours x $18* x 250 days = $52,650*
8.8 hours x $18* x 250 days = $39,600*

(3) Cost Cutting Effect

Air cylinder ROBO Cylinder
Labor Cost (annual) $52,650* - $39,600* = $13,050*
Difference = $13,050*



By implementing the ROBO Cylinder®,
the line operating hours decreased by 2.9 hours a day.
$13,050* of annual cost savings was achieved.

* Exchange Rate: 1(USD) = 100(Japanese Yen)

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