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Position Monitor It has become commonplace to monitor encoder feedback within a program in order to start a process based on actual position. The most reliable way to do this is to either tie directly into the lines of the encoder to get real-time encoder feedback. However, this method is not the most economical or readily available.

Similar results can be attained by using the multitasking abilities inherent to all ASEL, PSEL, SSEL, & XSEL controllers. An example of this would be to have one program controlling all the motion of the actuators and a second program running in parallel that is dedicated to monitoring the encoder data. While this method is not "true" real-time monitoring of the encoder, it does provide an extremely accurate feedback mechanism without physically attaching to the encoder.

Program 1 controls motion; Program 2 monitors position & dispenses. Additional examples of dispensing are available,, but these examples do not perform any mid-move I/O toggle without stopping. This example demonstrates the ability for the ASEL, PSEL, SSEL, & XSEL to perform multiple tasks at the same time, in this case, the ability to toggle a dispense head based on position.

The following I/O has been chosen by the user:

  • Output 303 : "On" = dispense on, "Off" = dispense off
  • Output 304 : "On" = purge on, "Off" = purge off
  • Input 10 : "On" = cycle start
  • Input 12 : "On" = go to purge location
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