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ASEL / PSEL Field Network Motion Controllers600px shade
- Supports a Wide Variety of Field Networks -
- DeviceNet / CC-Link / ProfiBus / Ethernet* -
- Easy Programming -

All Models of the ROBO Cylinder Controllers
Now Support Field Network Connection
(excludes PCON-CF)

1. The Controller can be Connected Directly to Major Networks

- DeviceNet
- CC-Link
- ProfiBus
- Ethernet (Only supported by XSEL controllers)

field network motion controllers for factory automation

2. To control the actuator, all you need is to turn the position number I/O ON via network, and the actuator will move to the specified position.

Movement by position number specification: The actuator is operated by turning the I/O signals ON/OFF to specify desired coordinate numbers (position numbers) that have been input to the controller beforehand.

3. The RoboNet, PCON and ACON controllers can operate actuators based on direct specification of target positions as numerical values.

Movement by direct numerical specification: The coordinates of the target position are sent via network to move the actuator to position.

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