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Types of Linear Electric Actuator (Single Axis)

Feature and Usage Categorized by Types of Linear Electric Actuators

 A       Slider type


  • The slider on the top of the main unit works in the shape of a standard electric actuator.
  • Workpiece can be attached by using the tapped holes provided on the slider.
  • It has a built-in linear guide with the base integrated ball circulation model, which increases the moment of pitching, yawning, and rolling directions.
[ New technology ] Arrival of Wide slider type!

  • The adoption of the wide body allows the allowable load moment up to 14 times more compared to the standard slider type.
  • It is suitable for usage with large overhanging. If a standard linear actuator with an external guide is being considered, the wide slider type can replace both of these in one.

1 109 80kg 2 1
(RCP6-WSA16C's allowable moment load example: offset 500mm with 80kg)


  • It is suitable for usage where workpieces are placed on sliders and for positioning purposes.
  • Ideal for replacing the rodless air cylinders or internally produced equipment that is combined with ball screws + guide + motors.
  • Ideal for base axis / moveable axis for orthogonal combinations.
  • It can be used for usage requiring accuracy, such as the feed mechanism of the camera in the inspection process and the measurement with a laser displacement meter.

Model Selection Flow Diagram - Slider / Linear Servo

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Selection from Stroke and Payload - Slider / Linear Servo

When customers say, "We wish this existed," we make it happen.

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