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Types of Linear Electric Actuator (Single Axis)

Feature and usage categorized by Types of Linear Electric Actuators

 C       Radial Cylinder


  • Radial cylinder type of Electric Actuator can be replacement for rod-type air cylinder.
  • The workpiece can be set using the thread part of the rod tip.
  • Built-in ball circulation type linear guide allows it to receive moment load. There is no vibration on the tip of the rod.
  • Since an external guide is unnecessary, compact device design is possible.
[ New technology ] Arrival of Double block option!

  • Wide type is added to the radial cylinder of linear actuator which does not require an external guide. The wide body and high rigidity cylinder allows the rod tip to handle torque up to 3 times more compared to the standard radial cylinder.
  • It can be used for applications where rotating torque such as positioning of electric screwdriver acts.

P1 111 wide radial cylinder 1
(RCP6-WRA16C's Rod tip allowable torque example: Offset 100mm with 16.7kg)


  • It is suitable for inserting workpieces, press fitting, and caulking.
  • Ideal for replacing rod type air cylinders.
  • It is suitable for lifters and for withdrawing workpieces.
  • It is suitable for vertical movable axis of orthogonal combination.
  • It is suitable for conveying and positioning of lightweight objects (guide necessary).
  • It is suitable for vibration of such as Clevis and trunnion.
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