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Automotive / Machine Tools
Pick, Place, and Discharge Machine for Automotive Parts Application Example
Actuators: RCP2-SS8C: Y-axis RCP4-RA5 (qty:2): Z-axis
Controllers: PCON-CA x 3
  • An orthogonal two-axis robot with Y & Z axes was adopted to pick automotive parts from a conveyor in-feed line, place the part into processing equipment, and then pick & place the part (discharge) to an out-feed line conveyor.
  • Sequence of Operations:
    1. “A” & “B” (Z-axes) move to the right, “A” picks the work part from the supply side.
    2. “A” & “B” (Z-axes) move to the left, “A” places the work part into the process equipment.
    3. When the process starts, “A” & “B” (Z-axes) move to the right again, “A” picks the work part from the supply side. At the same time “B” will wait until the process equipment is done.
    4. When the process is done, “B” picks and discharges the work part and “A” places the next work part into the processing equipment and the cycle continues.
  • Air cylinders were previously being used but cannot be sped up because the impact due to stopping is too great.
  • 8,000 work parts were produced per day using air cylinders. Using ROBO Cylinders, the production rate was up to 12,000. The production rate was increased 1.5x.
  • Also, when the equipment had to stop due to an air cylinder failure, the equipment was down every 10 minutes and was time consuming to fix so it was changed to ROBO Cylinders, and thus limited any downtime due to stoppages.


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