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February 3, 2017
Once or twice a month, we like to share IAI Actuator News with the automation community.
In this issue we show two application examples, "Film Feeder for Packaging Machine" and "Deburring/Inspection of Composite Equipment", and the latest SCON-LC/LCG ​​​​​​​Position Controller catalog update.

Application: Film Feeder for Packaging Machine


Industry: Paper, film, construction material

In a packing machine, ROBO Cylinder was adopted for equipment that cuts packaging film to a set length.

As shown in the illustration above, two ROBO Cylinders are used to grab both ends of the film and send it out for cutting.

When air cylinders were used, it was not possible to synchronize the two, and film damage happened.

With the ROBO Cylinder, the synchronous function of the SSEL controller can be used to prevent film damage.

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SSEL 2-axis specification

RCP3-SA5R x2

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Application: Deburring/Inspection Composite Equipment


Industry: Automobile / Mechanical parts
Process: Inspection, Deburring

The multi-slider type orthogonal robot of the NS series has been adopted as equipment to remove burrs from machine parts.

One of the two Y-axes is used to deburr the parts, and the other with a camera attached is used to check if the deburring was successful.

By simultaneously processing and inspecting parts, it was possible to make the line compact.

In addition, it is possible to reduce labor expenses and stabilize quality by automating the tasks that had been done manually.

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Latest Catalog Available to Download


SCON-LC/LCG ​​​​​​​Position Controller with PLC function


It's capable of operating actuators by a ladder program and ON/OFF control of I/O (input and output) signals.

Small-scale devices can be controlled by SCON-LC/LCG only. For large-scale devices, load on the main PLC can be reduced by performing distributed control using SCON-LC/LCG for each procedure.

In addition, it enables easier program simplification and troubleshooting.

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