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ROBO Cylinder Electric Actuators - Intelligent Actuator Automation

ROBO Cylinder Series 3-Finger Electric Gripper

ROBO Cylinder Electric Gripper - Intelligent Actuator Automation

Get a grip on circular and cylindrical loads! The 3-Finger electric grippers also allow for easy adjustment of gripping force!
    Three fingers facilitate centering of load

  • The load can be centered easily as the three fingers grip the load simultaneously.
  • High gripping force from a compact body

  • The unique drive method using a worm gear produces a high gripping force from a compact body.
  • Two types for different applications

  • Choose the "lever type" that offers a wide open/close range while achieving high-speed operation, or the "slide type" that generates a high gripping force while ensuring excellent rigidity.
  • Maintains the gripping force even after the power is turned off

  • The self-lock mechanism maintains the current position even after the power is switched off, so the load will not fall in the event of sudden power failure.

Example of Use

RCP2 ROBO Cylinder Electric Gripper Lever and Slide - IAI Intelligent Actuator Automation
The RCP2 Electric Gripper can be combined with a SCARA robot to transfer cylindrical loads.

For more information, please refer to the RCP2-GR3LS 3-Finger Gripper Catalog 1.7 MB

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