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IAI Electric Actuator Application Examples


wire stripping application in automation with IAI electric actuators
Wire Stripper Of Wire Coating Equipment

Video from IAI YouTube Channel:

ROBO Cylinder RCP2-RA6C
RCP2 Controllers
Note: Aside from having guides to support the vertical shear, guides should also be used to help support the actuator shaft from the moment load being imposed upon if from the wire being sheared.
  • Wire coating equipment has adopted the ROBO Cylinder. The wire stripper moves in slowly at first and then moves back quickly.
  • It is difficult to adjust an air cylinder since there’s the possibility of the copper wire inside to break and fly out

    Process Explanation:

  • The stripper must be moved into position. Since the wire can be stripped to different lengths, a multipoint positioning feature is needed.
  • The wire is positioned across the stripper covering the notch and is pulled slowly at first to prevent the copper wire from being cut. Then as soon as the coating is sheared, the stripper is moved quickly.
  • The stripper can be slowly moved halfway to the end of the cable and then move quickly to the end. Speed changes like this can be done easily with the ROBO Cylinder.


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