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IAI Electric Actuator Application Examples


vision inspaction application in automation with IAI electric actuators
Vision Inspection Conveyor System

Video from IAI YouTube Channel:

Camera: RCP2-SA6C
Conveyor: RCP2-RTBL-I-28P-30-360-P1
PCON, Qty 2
Note: The RCP2-RTBL will do continuous 360° rotation, but only after stopping for part inspection
  • Vision inspection of electronic parts by camera and conveyor
  • Camera is positioned using linear actuator
  • Conveyor is driven by rotary actuator
  • The conveyor positions the pallet whereby the electronic part is inspected once the camera is positioned accordingly
  • When the conveyor is sent a JOG command for operation and the electronic component is detected with the camera, the conveyor will stop.
  • Inspection will then commence using incremental commands.
  • Using the ROBO Cylinder, it is possible to operate simply by using the JOG command and doing incremental moves.
  • By using the ROBO Cylinder with other processes, the controls can be standardized
  • Rather than using another manufacturer’s motor and installing a gear, it becomes less expensive to use the ROBO Cylinder actuators and controllers


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